Reservations @ Swimanalytics work from 30 min until 4 hours. You make a reservation and payment for the time that you or your team is supported. It doesn't matter if it's the full time filming or only detailed analysis. We only take the work time in consideration and not the number of recordings.  


  • 80 euro for 30 min when member of Flemish Swimming Federation
  • 120 euro for 30 min when not a VZF member


Reservation link! 






Someone who wants to reserve 30 minutes for 1 person and only wants to see his / her swimming stroke is as follows:

  • First recording
  • Evaluation first recording at pool deck. Looking for first mistakes and remediation
  • Second recording
  • Evaluation second recording with more technical adjustments and processing technique evaluation to PDF report
  • Triathletes can do the tests in wetsuit

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